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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is architecture?

Architecture includes everything we design and build—schools, homes, hospitals, offices, streets, parks, squares, bridges and roadways. Many people play a role in shaping the spaces we develop, build and inhabit, including other design and planning professions, governments and the public.

What is an Architecture Policy?

An architecture policy is an aspirational document that guides politicians, professionals and the public to pursue positive change and sustainable growth through the design of the built environment. It informs public debate, influences legislation and inspires Canadians to create more meaningful, sustainable and resilient communities.

Why should I participate in this conversation?

Housing affordability, reconciliation, climate change, walkability, public health, inclusivity—all of these issues can be positively impacted by architecture. Your feedback and participation will help us build a compelling case to improve the way we design and build our communities so they’re more inspiring, equitable and safe for all Canadians.

Why do we need a stronger policy on architecture?

The world is facing unprecedented social and climatic challenges, and the design and building industry has a big role to play. For example, buildings account for a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and guidelines could help enhance and mandate more sustainable practices. More than 30 countries have already adopted and seen the benefits of an architecture policy, and it’s time Canada joined their ranks.