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Canadians want accessible, beautiful and sustainable communities

We’re developing a series of actions and objectives to improve the processes and policies that shape how Canada’s communities are built.

What if design could address big issues like the climate crisis, housing affordability and reconciliation with Indigenous communities?

We Dream of Vibrant Places + a Sustainable Future

Our designed and built environment— community centres, libraries, parks, squares, homes, offices, streets, bridges— affect all of us, all the time, yet we rarely consider their impact on our everyday lives.

If you could influence how your community develops, what would you change? How would you design for the future?

Share Your Perspective

Canadians are facing unprecedented challenges. What we build—and how we build it—can create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

To realize a brighter future, we need to take a different approach to how we design and build our communities. Sharing your experience will help us create safer, more accessible, more inspiring places for everyone.

How Buildings + Public Spaces Support Community


Our collective and cultural identities are shaped and reflected by our surroundings.


Everyone’s health is impacted by the design and quality of our buildings.


Our future on earth depends on more sustainable building practices.


Canadians can contribute fresh ideas to support the well-being of people around the world.

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Meet Rise for Architecture

We are a volunteer-led committee of architects, educators, advocates and organizations that regulate our profession. We’re hosting a conversation across Canada to learn more about what you want and need from your community. Our findings will culminate in a report with objectives and actions to help inform a way forward for everyone involved in developing our communities.

Findings + Insights

Since 2019, we’ve been engaged in a conversation to support the development of an architecture policy for Canada. We’ve heard from the architectural community—students, educators, architects, professional regulators—and citizens like you.

This national conversation will shape our final recommendations to government, public and private building owners, developers, architects, designers, builders and individuals alike.